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Life Coaching

Life coaching is an individual work with a person which supports him in reaching personal goals. We are using different tools and techniques which help you to reveal most important values, set goals and reach them, harmonize various aspects of your life, understand and transform inner barriers and limiting patterns.

Executive coaching focuses on personal and professional development through better awareness, more effective action, skills development, learning and growth. It supports you to set goals and develop action plans, identify development opportunities, analyze your behavior and improve performance.


Discussion of any new idea, project or an issue becomes much more effective with special designed methodologies and approaches. We are offering number of workshop formats – starting from large group discussions methods to special designed games to make your discussions fruitful and enjoyable.


Profiling is a methodological approach of no-test assessment of psychological characteristics of a person. It allows you to better understand the motivation, thinking and behavioral strategies of a person, his/her most important values and criteria. You can predict the management and teamwork approach of a person.
About Us
Gohar Ghabuzyan
Gohar Ghabuzyan is a professional coach, specilized in life and executive coaching, master of NLP coaching, business trainer, consultant, facilitator.

Perfect coaching aims to support individuals, executives and teams to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams.We offer innovative tools to perfectly support you in all your initiatives.

My name is Gohar Ghabuzyan. I am a professional coach, specialized in life and executive coaching. I am a certified NLP master coach, enneagram coach, transformational coach. Coaching is not my job and not my profession, it is my passion and I am happy to share it with you.
I believe that each of you has answers to all of the questions which matter. And my role is to create a comfortable and creative field where you can reveal and transform all the obstacles and find the best and most appropriate way for you to get perfect results.
years of enjoying the magic of coaching and consultancy
certifications obtained to coach you perfectly
transformed lives and improved performances
Reaching any goal or making any change consists of two parts:
1) Formulate your goal as concrete as possible, set timeline, plan actions and start acting. This is the conscious part. We suggest a set of very practical toolkit which will help you to organize this part in the most effective way.
2) Turn on or unlock the state of your mind, body and heart which will support you in the process of setting "right" goals and reaching them. Each of you has all the necessary resources to reach your goals. But sometimes our energy is blocked by negative emotions, limiting beliefs and fears which are hindering us to reveal and use our potential. Fortunately, there are many techniques and tools to help you to overcome these obstacles and become more resourceful, happy and successful.

Our mission is to coach you in this process.
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Upcoming Events
Here you can find on-site and online seminars, training sessions and networking events to learn more, get inspired and connect with link-minded people.
03.30.2018 / San Jose, CA
You Are Not Alone: Networking for Women in SF Bay Area
Whether you are new in SF Bay area or are living here for a long time, you should have already felt that networking is everything in this region. You are not alone is an initiative for women who want to expand their network in SF Bay area. Remember! You are not alone!
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03.23.2018 / San Jose, CA
Game TRANSFORMATION: Transforming the Way You Play Your Life
The Transformation Game is a powerful interactive tool of understanding and transforming the way you play your life. It's about looking at your life and the kinds of experiences you create, seeing how you react to them and how you can use these insights for your own growth.
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03.16.2018 / San Jose, CA
Discover Your True Self with Enneagram
Learning about your personality type helps you to develop your self-awareness and to be able to break unhealthy and conditioned behaviorism. You understand your blind spots and why you over and over again have the same reactions, fears and patterns.
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